At PRIMESELF®, we chose to only use nature as our source of optimization. YES, that’s right, all our products are 100% natural grown by our loving mother earth.

Armed with carefully selected ingredients from mother nature, we wanted to make sure our products are at the forefront of cutting-edge science. We formulated all our products with science backed research and developed our functional supplement range from nootropics to performance enhancers and nutritional products.

PRIMESELF® was created with every individual in mind, from professional athletes looking for a true natural alternative to the everyday Joe looking for something to boost their general productivity. Anyone seeking to become a better self, their PRIMESELF.


Modern life demands more from us on a daily, so being on top of your game mentally and physically everyday is vital. Sadly, the health and supplement industry has misguided the masses into believing one of two things, either supplements don’t work or you need a ton of unnecessary junk to live a healthy lifestyle.

PRIMESELF® was formed with the core principle of bettering human health and wellness, by focusing on total mind and body connection. Not just bettering your physical health, but also targeting the driving-force, your brain.



With all the ineffective, underdosed and ‘cheaper’ products on the market, PRIMESELF® chose to take a different route. Not only did we want to make use of nature to power our products, we wanted to change the way we look at supplementation and health holistically. While developing our products, it became clear that most products on the market are focused on lowering production costs and cutting into effective dosing of ingredients. That’s where we wanted to be different. We made away with the approach of attempting to cut cost and dosing, rather doubling down on cutting-edge ingredient research in order to develop game changing formulations. Attracting attention from some of the foremost industry leaders in the process.


Our aim was to flip the supplement industry on its head, so we wanted to take it a step further. We opted for full transparency into the heart of our products. Showing our customers exactly what they’re getting with a No-Proprietary Blend Policy (or how we’d put it, no BS Blend Policy). This offers our customers a window into what goes into each product and exactly how much they’re getting.

  • Full Transparency – We strive to be as transparent as possible with our products. Hence why we’ve opted for full disclosure on all our product blends. Pursuing the philosophy of ‘what you see is exactly what you get’.

  • 100% Natural – All our products follow our all natural and sustainable approach in sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to provide only the best products possible to ur customers.

  • Strict Quality Control – We pride ourselves in providing only the best in quality. Which is why we abide by strict quality control from sourcing of our ingredients to manufacturing in cGMP standards.