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Biohacks to Prime your Productivity

5 Biohacks to Priming your Productivity:

September 12, 2017

Biohacking or as some like to refer to it, “Do-it-Yourself-Biology”.

To be put simply is the concept of hacking the human body and mind for optimal functioning or as we like to refer to it, your Prime Self.
-Imagine being able to supercharge your performance, being able to get more out of your day?

That inevitable “I've could have done more today” feeling is something i'm sure we have all felt, on numerous occasions. Let's be honest, there isn't a better feeling than leaving work feeling satisfied and fulfilled with what you’ve accomplished, and all it’ll take are a few “productivity hacks” to get your Prime Self out and about.

1- Get active:

Exercise can do wonders for not only your health but your day. Getting active releases endorphins to boost your mood, reduce stress, increase oxygen circulation and help you get kick-started for the day!

“Getting Active” doesn't have to mean spending 2 hours of strenuous exercise in the gym, something simple like taking a quick 10 minute walk or stretch can do wonders for you and your productivity.


2- Caffeine Naps:

Yes they exist. Yes they combine possibly two of your favourite things in life.

Feeling tired, running into that afternoon slump? Time to reboot your brain with a caffeine nap!

Drinking a cup of coffee or alternatively Prime Brew, right before lying down to take a quick nap and wake up feeling energized and refreshed!
-But remember timing is key here, as the optimal nap time is between 10-20 minutes.
-They key lies in that the time it takes for the caffeine to take effect is around 30-45 minutes, the perfect time for you to have a nap and let the caffeine wake you up!

“Experiments performed at Loughborough University in the UK showed that the sleep-deprived need only a cup of coffee and 15 minutes of shut-eye to feel amazingly refreshed.”

3 - Cold Showers:

This may not sound like the most appealing idea, most likely it sounds a little crazy but research shows that cold-thermogenesis (exposing the body to freezing temperatures) increases both metabolic and mental performance!

So try a quick cold shower in the morning to supercharge your day! Its simple & effective.
-Even if it doesn't boost your performance, at least it will wake you up.

4 - The “Two minute rule”:

The general rule of thumb is that if a task takes less than two minutes to complete, you should finish it immediately. Whether that means responding to an email or confirming a doctor's appointment, get those small tasks done & don't let them pile up!
-This simple method prevents tasks from piling up and let's be honest, what is two minutes out of your day?

5 - Get that edge:

Supplement your way to productivity with our natural ready-to-go formulations or our advanced nootropics! By now you should all know or at least have a good idea of what nootropics are by now, those of you who don't, see here.

Nootropics can give you that little boost or edge you need it most, from boosting your focus to enhancing your memory & learning abilities.
-The time has come to PRIME yourself! 


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