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Tips for restorative sleep

5 Easy Steps to Restorative Sleep

August 03, 2017

Rest, Relax, Restore!

The desire for a good night's sleep has always and will always be, highly sort-after! Let's be honest, in our jam-packed day-to-day lives, it has become increasingly difficult to get that truly “restorative sleep”.

When was the last time you woke up feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the day?
-The likely answer is, that you can't remember.

Sleep is possibly one of the most important aspects of our biology, without it we purely can't operate at a desired mental and/or physical level.
-Sleep is essentially our daily reset, the human version on an on/off switch.

The benefits of a good-night's sleep are endless:

  • Improves cognitive functioning
  • Increases physical/athletic performance
  • Optimises biological functioning
  • Maintains healthy hormone levels
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • etc

Studies show that a lack of sleep results in a decline in: Cognitive performance, Daily energy levels, Physical well-being, as well as both your working and long term memory.

The 5 Step process:

Below are 5 simple steps, you can implement today, to not only improve your sleep but optimise your day-to-day performance.

Step One: Establish a routine

Something as simple as creating a bedtime routine, otherwise referred to as good “sleep hygiene” can assist in falling asleep faster and remaining asleep throughout the night.
-With studies showing that not only children but adults too, can benefit from nightly routines.

Whether it's brushing your teeth, reading a book or taking a warm bath; simple routines can signal to your body, it's time to sleep.

Step Two:  Avoid stimulants

Whilst this may seem obvious and sometimes unavoidable, majority of people still indulge in that late afternoon cup of coffee. As i'm sure you are aware, stimulants are designed to keep you awake, thus it is not surprising they have a negative effect on your sleep.

With caffeine having a half-life of approximately 3-5 hours, it's to no surprise that people have either trouble falling asleep or suffer from poor sleep due to stimulants.

Essentially it’s a vicious cycle: You fall into that afternoon “slump” due to poor sleep, so you supplement with stimulants to counteract that “slump”, which subsequently leads to ineffective sleep and so the cycle continues.

Step Three: Relax

Relaxation, something i'm sure is a foreign term to many these days, is a vital component of restful sleep.

Well i'm sorry to say but stress is one of the most common reasons for poor sleep. Not only will relaxing reduce non-beneficial stress but it will do absolute wonders for restoration and recovery.

Set aside some time in the evenings from your busy lives to simply relax and clear your mind.
-Read a book, meditate, take a hot bath. Get some “you” time into your day.

Step Four: Supplement

Sometimes no matter what we do, we still can't seem to get that “restorative sleep”, that's where some additional supplements come in handy.

-Im not referring to prescription drugs that result in dependence or that “morning grogginess” but rather natural alternatives that aid in relaxation and a deeper sleep.

There are several herbs, teas and supplements out there that can assist in improving sleep, here are some of our favourites:

Valerian root: A herbal root extract used for its sedative and relaxtion properties 

L-Theanine: A relaxing amino acid found naturally in green-tea 

Magnesium: A dietary mineral vital for biological functioning and sleep 

Lemon Balm: A natural extract used to increase clamness and reduce stress 

Prime Sleep: A 100% natural sleep formulation, designed to promote relaxation and restorative sleep. 

Step Five: Set the environment

Removing unnecessary and distracting stimuli from your sleeping area will do wonders for you, all those noises and bright lights have a negative impact on your sleep and quality of sleep.

One of the most commonly neglected aspects is blue light, it comes from your phone, digital alarm clock, tv, light bulbs etc. Blue light by nature, is not natural after-dark, it inhibits melatonin production and adversely impacts your sleep.
-Lets be honest, in this day and age it's far-fetched to expect abstinence of technology in the evenings but try your best to minimise it.

Try something like: Blue light blocking glasses, a simple yet effective tool to minimize that evening blue-light exposure and optimise your sleep.

Remember: Rest, Relax & Restore! ;)
-You're already en-route to becoming the better you, your Prime Self!



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