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Lucid dreaming and nootropics

An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

January 05, 2017


Simply put, lucid dreaming is where an individual becomes aware that they are dreaming, and in time, can begin to control those dreams. This dream state usually arises when one realizes within a dream that the surreal nature of events taking place could only mean that they are in fact busy dreaming. Levels of awareness in lucid dreams range from slight recognition to complete mental clarity, to an extent that one can completely manipulate and sculpt their dreams - where the only limitation is your imagination. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to explore the deepest depths of the earth, visit Atlantis, fly across salt flats or simply relax on a remote island?


One of the best skills to practice for lucid dreaming is awareness, being aware and taking note of details in your everyday life will aid in your journey in the lucid dream world. Mental habits of daily life tend to continue in your dreams, thus by making habits of taking in environmental details, reality checks or simply paying attention to detail during daily activities, your chances of attaining mental clarity during a dream is greatly improved. Other important techniques include keeping dream journals (recalling your dreams upon waking), meditation (mindfulness and awareness practice) or through nootropic supplementation. And as many have noted, it does take practice.


Nootropics have been used many years for their cognitive and mood enhancing properties. However, many don’t realize that the benefits doesn't stop there. The main cognitive process that allows us to enter states of lucidity is awareness and working memory - or otherwise known as short-term memory. Many nootropic users notice an increased ability to recall aspects of dreams; this is all due to the increased working memory. Nootropics are believed to be capable of enhancing our simulation systems which enables us to predict the outcomes of events we have never experienced beforehand, thus results in increased creativity and more coherent dreams. 

Another very important way that nootropics facilitate lucid dreaming is through increasing Acetylcholine in the brain, this neurotransmitter is what allows us to enter REM sleep, which is where dreams take place in the first place - and it also helps us to remember our dreams upon waking. See below for a list of some dream enhancing nootropics.


1) Prime Mind

As with Alpha Brain, our ultimate brain formulation can be used for lucid dreaming if taken 6 hours before bed. This state of the art formulation aids lucid dreaming by 1) increasing acetylcholinergic neurotransmission 2) providing nutrients that increase working memory and provide the clarity of mind necessary to enter lucid states within dreams.


2) Citicholine & Alpha GPC

Choline is used in the process of acetylcholine synthesis, one of the main and most prominent neurotransmitters involved in general cognitive functioning, memory recall and of course, dreaming. With elevated or increased levels of choline (which, according to studies, only a 1/10th of the population acquire sufficient choline from their diets) memory recall and brain functioning is improved allowing for enhanced working memory thus leading to vivid and/or lucid dreaming as a result.


3) Prime Sleep & Phenibut:

These nootropic supplements assist more in the process of sleeping soundly and exert their work mostly via GABA, the inhibitory neurotransmitter, which aids in relaxation and tranquility.Prime Sleep & Phenibut are some of the most effective relaxation and calming nootropic supplements available, with a great ability to induce deep sleep and anti-anxiety effects.


For more information: (FAQs for lucid dreaming)  (3 ways to lucid dream) (Study and info on nootropics with lucid dreaming)



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