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Bacopa Monnieri, A

Bacopa Monnieri, A "Natural Brain Tonic"

March 12, 2018


Bacopa Monnieri is possibly one of the oldest nootropics known to us today, with its use dating back to Ayurvedic medical practices in native to North India. This natural and plant-based nootropic has been referred to as a natural “Brain Tonic” as well as the closest natural alternative to Piracetam!
With centuries of use and trials, Bacopa Monnieri has gained its position in the spotlight due to its ability to not only aid in stress-adaptation but enhancing memory, mood, learning ability, and brain health.

Benefits of Bacopa:

Bacopa Balances Neurotransmitter Levels and is Adaptogenic

  • Bacopa has been found to be neither sedating nor to be stimulatory but rather has been found to work via bringing the Mind & Body into a more balanced state.

Bacopa Increases Brain Plasticity & Functioning

  • Bacopa has been found to not only be beneficial to brain health but found to improve attention, memory, and increase learning ability.
  • Additionally, Bacopa has been found to enhance human brain plasticity via the increase or promotion of BDNF, otherwise referred to as brain-derived neurotrophic factor. 

Assists with Alzheimer’s

  • Bacopa has been found to protect the brain from current neurological damage and assist with negative effects of degenerative brain disease associated with age. 

Other Benefits:

  • Increases cerebral blood flow.
  • Encourages new nerve cell formation.
  • Acts as an antidepressant.
  • Can assist with ADHD and dyslexia.
  • Increases the bodies Resilience to Stress

Additional Study:

  • A study was conducted to compare the cognitive effects of two nutraceuticals vs the well-known pharmaceutical smart drug, Modafinil. 
  • The resulting data confirms that the neurocognitive enhancement from the nutraceuticals at interested, Bacopa & Ginseng, were found to produce cognition-enhancing effects that are similar and comparable to that of Modafinil. 

***Clinical trials are still underway

How to use Bacopa:

Typical Dosage:

  • 300 - 500mg of 50% Bacosides daily


  • Prime Mind - The Ultimate Natural Nootropic Supplement 
  • ZA Nootropics Powder - Pure Bacopa 50% Bacosides Extract

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