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Human Optimization with Cold Therapy

Human Optimization with Cold Therapy

November 10, 2017

Cold Thermogenesis, the bizarre process of exposing the body to freezing temperatures in order to optimize biological functioning. 
-Sounds slightly far fetched right? Well recent recent studies thousands of fellow biohackers around the world seem to say otherwise!

You've heard us briefly mention cold showers and other cold related biohacks, well if that poked an interest, then this should be quite the interesting read.

Cold Thermogenesis is by no means a recent finding or invention, but rather an ancient medical technique that has been used with success for thousands of years now. With cold thermogenesis or rather “therapy” being used for several applications; from neurological damage recovery to human optimization. The results are astounding, with the discovery applications only increasing as a result!


What if i told you, something as simple as implementing a cold shower into your day could improve your metabolism, boost the immune system and ultimate optimize your biological functioning?

Just to name afew,

Aids in Fat Loss & Inflammation:

  • Cold exposure has shown to result in an increase in brown adipose fat (BAT) and increased levels of adiponectin, a protein that aids in fat burning.

Strengthens the Nervous system:

  • The exposure to freezing temperatures simulates a survival response in the body which acts as a mild “workout”, mediated by the nervous system which results in strengthening and adaption.

Improves Sleep Quality:

  • Cold exposure causes the release of several hormones, improvements of the circadian rhythm, energy and leptin sensitivity which all subsequently result in improved sleep and recovery.

Boost Immune System:

  • Cold exposure has been linked to the release of hormones linked to the immune system functioning and overall wellbeing.

Increased Energy & Cognitive Functioning:

  • Cold Thermogenesis causes the release of norepinephrine, giving you a boost in alertness, cognition and focus.

Improved Willpower:

  • Nobody “wants” to take a cold shower or expose their bodies to freezing temperatures but this trains your brain to do things it doesn’t want to do and the results will translate to other areas of your life.


What are my options for biohacking my body with cold therapy?
-These options range in complexities and costs but are here for informational purposes,

Cold Showers: Possibly the most simple of the techniques and doesn't cost anything to implement today.

  • Step One: Set the shower to cold.
  • Step Two: Take a few deep breaths.
  • Step Three: Enjoy.

Other Options include:

  • ChilPAD: Used to cool your mattress before sleep, to aid in a more restorative and deeper sleep.
  • FlexiFreeze: An “ice vest” that can be used to reap the benefits of cold therapy at any time, similar to that of cold compressions.
  • Ice Baths: Full body exposure in a … bath of ice.

Now with all the benefits and ease of this biohack, i'm sure something as simple as a cold shower in the mornings to kick-start your day doesn't sound that bad? Or at least it will give you that push you into enduring the cold and trust me, your body will thank you later.

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