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MCT Oil - Overview & Benefits | Fuel the Body & Mind

MCT Oil: The New Brain & Body Fuel?

September 26, 2017

What is MCT Oil:

Medium-chain triglycerides, or for short, MCTs, are naturally occurring fats that are commonly found in a handful of foods, with the best source of MCT being coconut oil.

Why choose medium chain over long chain triglycerides? MCTs are smaller, shorter and more readily metabolized in comparison to that of the long chain. This makes them an efficient and quick source of clean energy for both the Body & Mind.

MCT & Coconut Oil:

MCT oil can be divided into four subcategories. These are:

  • C6 (Capron acid)
  • C8 (Caprylic Acid)
  • C10 (Capric Acid)
  • C12 (Lauric acid)

To make keep it simple, MCT oil is main component of coconut oil, resulting in its high metabolic energy output and neuroprotective properties. With coconut oil being one of the greatest sources of MCTs, with roughly 65% of the fatty acids in coconut oil being comprised of MCTs. However, recently MCT oil, a product derived from coconut oil, has gained popularity due to its higher concentration of MCTs. This results in a super-fuel that requires minimal action from the liver to convert directly into fuel in the form of ketones.

It would be incorrect to say that MCT oil better than coconut oil, due to coconut oil having its advantages. However, there are some advantages of using a concentrate product to optimise its effects.

The benefits of MCT Oil:

I'm sure a lot of those reading this piece are familiar with Bulletproof Coffee, or “Butter Coffee” as some of you might know it, strange as it sounds it’s a real game changer. If not, I'll include a link to it here, it's certainly worth looking into!
-I am mentioning this due to the use of MCT oil as an energy source, to “supercharge” the coffee, amazing idea right?
-The drink’s creator, Dave Asprey, claims that adding butter and MCT oil to coffee is the best way to start the day for mental clarity and to lose weight.

MCT oil has an extensive list of benefits, with no surprise that this product has a massive following and praise surrounding it.

1- Quick & Sustainable Energy:

A study published in the American Society for Nutrition Services in 1997. Suggested that MCT Oil only requires 3 steps for the body to turn it into ATP (the energy source for all of your cells) in comparison to that of sugar which takes 26 steps to do the same. This rapid breakdown and conversion to energy not only provides a rapid boost in metabolic energy but because the fatty acids are immediately broken down, they will not be stored as body fat.

2- Improves Cognitive Performance:

Another bonus of the rapid energy supply from MCT oil is its affect on cognitive performance, or more specifically your memory, think of it a fuel for your brain. With several studies indicating promising effects and improved cognitive functioning in that of Alzheimer patients.


  • Metabolic functioning & Weight Management
  • Gut health & Immune Support
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar levels

Introducing Hackers Brew:

Hackers Brew is our newest innovation and a truly exceptional one, the combination of Prime Brew + MCT Oil = Hackers Brew.
-This combination not only combines the incredible health benefits of Yerba Mate and the other super-herbs in our tea blend but now with the addition of MCT oil, things just got better.

Supercharge your day with Hacker Brew and #GetPrimed!
-Not to worry, we will be releasing a follow up post soon with some more details and instructions on how to get your Brew on!
-Including various recipes and a few brewing tips, to keep you Primed!



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