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Prime Mind review

"Review of my personal experience with Prime Self's, Prime Mind" by Pieter.

May 17, 2017

A Review of my personal experience with Prime Self's, Prime Mind.

I am a male, 63 years of age.
I am in good health and do some strength exercises (just to keep me in order)
My diet is “fair” with some added extra Vitamins.
I work in the financial sector, I need to stay updated and I read a lot.
I think its good to say that I try looking after myself.
I noticed that I started forgetting stuff, that I was told, and when I wanted to do something, I occasionally forgot when I got there (I am sure lots of older people know what I am talking about).

I then wanted to do something about it, whilst still living a full life.
I came across Prime Self and bought Noopept and C60 Olive oil to start with. I used these both for about a month with no real difference but decided to investigate and read more, in order to get more information, and learn more about "stacking".
I was then fortunate enough to receive the Prime Mind as a gift from Prime Self.
*Which I started using it on the 13th of April.

The very first day I noticed improvements:
-I slept better.
-The second night I started to dream, BUT I even remembered my dreams and that something I did not happen for some time, and that is still the case.
-During my daily activities, my working memory slowly started to improve, not an overnight improvement, but I did see improvements nonetheless.
*It got better over the testing period.

Then I began testing myself over the next couple weeks and my results were good. (I must add that this is my first experience and I was uncertain about the degree of the results)
-I keep seeing improvements in my memory and additionally, my son tells me that he sees an improvement in my mood.
-My concentration improved, (I had a fair concentration span) but could see improvement, with reduced mental fatigue.
-My mind was clearer with improved focus.

After I finished the course, I waited a couple of days, just to see if I will experience a slowdown, and sorry to say it did.
-I am convinced that it’s an improvement and I am ready to buy the next batch.

I am happy with the results.
Thanks again for the updates that you send me :)

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