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Our Story on 360° human optimization

At Prime Self, we believe that the time has come to update the "Human Operating system", reboot and optimise how we function, perform & live. 

We aim to consistently provide tools, tips & life hacks that will enable the modern day individual to be at their optimal performance.

OPTIMIZE. Perform. repeat.

Safe & effective is our game!

It's difficult to find safe and effective products on the market today. Which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to become the leaders in cutting-edge self-optimisation in South Africa. 

Our cutting-edge formulas are developed to provide a healthier, 100% natural and more effective alternative to modern day supplements found on the market. 

The Prime Self team strives to provide and stock only the best and most effective products possible! 

Imagine being able to supercharge your performance, being able to do more and get more out of your day?

A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.

Our secret weapons


Nootropics are a type of supplement that aims to improve cognitive functioning. While various nootropics and brands feature different active ingredients & benefits, they are generally known to support cognition and mental functioning. 


Adaptogens are natural herbs that assist the human body to adapt & cope with stress. They are a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal of natural substances to supercharge your body, improve biological functioning & deal with stress.

Sharing our knowledge

In addition to emphasizing quality, we also strive to share all the things we've learned about human optimization and the benefits it can provide. And as we learn more, we want to continue to pass the knowledge onto others. We are committed not only to bringing you the best and most effective supplements or products we possibly can, but also the best information about ways to use it and to optimize your life, the right way.


* Please take note that Prime Self's Offices will be closed from 7 December - 7 January 2019. Any orders placed during this time will only be processed once we are back in January *

You can still find us at all our official stockists during December as well as our official online stockists.

Thank you all for the massive support and have a blessed holiday season :D

See you soon!

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