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Prime Active - Product Overview

Prime Active  

- True Performance from the Cellular Level -

Prime Active is a newly developed cutting edge performance supplement, providing the body with a synergistic set of nutrients to optimise performance via the targeting of cellular energy production. 

A healthier alternative to optimal performance!

What's inside?

This natural blend allows the user to increase performance, reduce fatigue and provide a clean lasting energy from the source rather than from stimulation with the cutting edge formulation based on the combination of Cordyceps mushroom, antioxidants and adaptogens. 

With each individual Capsule containing a blend of the following: 

Cordyceps Mushroom

A medical mushroom found to be linked to improved immune function, management of blood glucose , and improved recovery.

Rhodiola Rosea

An adaptogen found to aid in the restoration of energy, enhancement of cognitive functioning and improved mood. 


An adaptogen known for its powerful antioxidant effects, immune support and ability to protect the body from stressors.  


A "vitamin-like substance" found in our mitochondria, CoQ10 has been found to have an influence on cellular respiration (ATP production). 

Vitamin B-6

A naturally occurring B-vitamin  with core functions in energy metabolism, brain functioning and the production of vital neurotransmitters.


Mitochondrial ATP production is the primary natural cellular energy source in our body, which is required for nearly every biological process, including cognitive functioning and physical activity. Thus by optimizing ATP production and fuelling the body, you can begin to function with next level performance!

Why Choose Prime Active?

Prime Active is a cutting-edge, all natural performance enhancing product! What makes all the difference in this product is due to the optimization of cellular energy, apposed to current supplements which target "false energy" or "stimulation".
Prime Active targets the source of energy production in the body, your cells!

By supercharging your body from the inside out, you will be ready to operate at your peak performance on a daily basis whilst priming your biological system to cope with stress, fatigue and inflammation all thanks to our well-researched adaptogenic blend!



What can I expect?

Prime Active is your all-in one performance product to supercharge your performance, not only when needed but on a daily basis!

Optimise ATP production

The core aspect of this product is its ability to increase cellular energy via targeting the fundamental process of ATP production.

Increased Performance

The synergistic combination of ingredients result in, increased ATP production, optimized cellular operations and oxygen utilisation. 

Improved Oxygen Utilisation

One of the benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom is the ability to improve respiratory circulation and resulting improve oxygen utilisation. 

Combat Fatigue

With the chosen combination of ingredients and adaptogens, resulting in enhanced energy levels and reduction in fatigue as a result. 

100% Natural

This product contains only natural ingredients, is banned substance free and is perfectly suited for your competing athletes.  

Speed-up Recovery

With recovery being a vital aspect of any athletes program, the anti-oxidants and nutrient combo aid in recovery and free-radical elimination.

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