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Prime Focus - Product Overview

Prime Focus  

- Pure Mental Focus in a Capsule -

Prime focus is an all-natural supplement that combines various natural ingredients in order to provide the body and mind with immediate energy and precision focus.

Convenient and Instant Energy, for your Brain!

What's inside?

This formulation is a healthier alternative to staying focused and alert for hours, without over-stimulation or adverse effects that can result from use of common stimulants. 

With each individual Capsule containing a blend of the following: 

Caffeine Anhydrous

The core component of coffee responsible for the "boost" or "kick" felt, caffeine is considered one of the most widely used nootropics.


A modified version of carnitine, known for its ability to improve energy metabolism, memory and even neuroplasticity.

Panax Ginseng

An ancient and widely known nootropic, which has been shown to enhance both memory and mood whilst being neuroprotective

Hordenine HCL

A natural nootropic compound known for its dual effect on both cognitive and athletic performance, used for its boost to focus and mental energy. 


An amino acid found naturally in green tea, with calmative effects that are known to induce a relaxed but alert state.

Vitamin B-6

A naturally occurring B vitamin with core functions in energy metabolism, brain functioning and the production of vital neurotransmitters.


Prime Focus is cutting-edge focus formula designed to optimize mental energy and provide a smooth lasting focus perfect for studying, gaming or just a mental energy boost when you need it most!

Why Choose Prime Focus?

The pure mental focus provided by the carefully selected ingredients allow for the perfect product for mentally demanding tasks, physical exercise, sleep deprivation and the ultimate mental edge. Additionally, formulated to raise levels of key neurotransmitter while simultaneously offering neuroprotective effects. 

Perfect for:

  • Gamers
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Athletes

Resulting in convenient and instant energy for both the mind and body.

What can I expect?

Prime Focus is your one-stop product for true mental energy & precision focus!

Increased Productivity  

With the chosen combination of ingredients targeting increased energy and focus, the result is a more productive and alert state. 

Precision Focus & Concentration

With the power of the chosen nootropics and stimulants, this product provides a clear and crisp focus when you need it most. 

Increased Mental Energy

With mental energy being the core aspect of this product, the synergistic combination of ingredients provide a boost in mental energy. 

Smooth & Jitter Free

Unlike other stimulant based products, this blend contains a set of ingredients to work in synergy to result in an alert but relaxed state of mind. 

100% Natural

This product only contains a natural blend of nootropics and herbs to result in a truly exceptional mental performance product. 


Once again, the power of nootropics come into play, not only does it provide a boost in mental performance but is neuroprotective of the brain too. 


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