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Prime Sleep
Prime SleepPrime Sleep
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"Complete Restoration!"

Prime Sleep is the perfect supplement for anyone who is looking to optimize their sleep and sleep quality, with a blend of nootropics and herbs designed to calm the mind and provide the body with the necessary nutrients for optimal sleep.

Formulated to provide the body with a natural, restorative and restful nights sleep. 

The chosen combination of natural ingredients makes for the perfect sleep aid for daily use, without resulting dependencies or "morning grogginess" associated with artificial sleep aids. 
The tranquil state provided by Prime Sleep will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Valerian Root Extract

- 400mg

An ancient remedy used for its effects on promoting relaxation, regulating stress and subsequently improving sleep quality.


- 200mg

An amino acid found naturally in green tea, with calmative effects that are known to induce a relaxed but alert state.

Passion Flower Extract

- 400mg

A natural herb used in traditional medicine for centuries for sleep, stress and anxiety. With studies indicating that passion flower results in increased levels of GABA in the brain, which is responsible for its calming effects. 

Magnesium Glycinate

- 400mg

A form of magnesium, found to be more bio-available, with the ability to cross the BBB and improve sleep.

Vitamin B-6 (Pyroxidine HCL)

- 10mg

A naturally occurring B vitamin with core functions in energy metabolism, brain functioning and the production of vital neurotransmitters.


- 10mg

A patented peperin extract used to optimize and increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. Resulting in increased absorption and effectiveness!  

Suggested Use: 

For Primed Sleep, take two (2) Capsules in the evening, 30-45 minutes prior to bedtime. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24-hour period unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Targeted Use:

Prime Sleep works by tackling aspects of both the body and mind. This is a result of the ingredients in Prime Sleep calming the mind, optimizing neurotransmitters in the brain and providing the body with all the necessary components to assist you in slipping into a deep, natural and restorative sleep!

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