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The Prime Stack
The Prime Stack
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The Prime Stack includes the following:

1x Prime Mind (1 bottle,30 Servings)

1x Prime Focus (1 bottle, 30 Servings)

1x Prime Mood (1 bottle, 30 Servings)

1x Prime Sleep (1 bottle, 30 Servings)

1x Prime Active (1 bottle, 30 Servings)

    The Prime Stack includes all necessary products needed to Prime your life, in one convenient stack. 

     -From Cognitive Optimization to Performance Optimization

    *All necessary product information can be found on the respective product pages.

    Core Benefits: 

    • Cognitive Enhancement
    • Focus & Concentration
    • Performance & Energy
    • Rest & Recovery
    • Overall Vitality & Wellbeing 

    --Optimized Cognition Stack | Prime Self--
    R 1,397.00R 1,189.00
    --The Starter Stack | Prime Self--
    R 1,597.00R 1,359.00
    --Optimized Performance Stack | Prime Self--
    R 1,047.00R 889.00
    --Optimized Health Stack | Prime Self--
    R 847.00R 719.00

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