We perpetually strive to reach our full potential in life, whether it is for better health, fitness or career success, we all want to perform at our peak daily. That’s where PRIMESELF® comes in!

A new generation in supplements and nutrition, developed by science to enhance human performance. With each product designed with a purpose, it has never been easier to #GetTheEdge in life!

It’s time for, Smart. Effective. Supplements.






“Love it, because it works well!”

Johanna W, Prime Mind

“Mind awakening and it really works very well!”

Henk J, Prime Mind

“It really works to stay focused during gaming and office hours!”

“Focus in a capsule – Great energy and focus without any jitters”

Mike M, Total Focus

“I have always had a great experience when using this product. Initially i was in the market for a Cordyceps based stim-free preworkout for Cycling purposes. Primeself produced just that.The greatest benefit of all is the hugely noticeable stamina and cardiovascular thresholds one can surpass when using this product.It is excellent for overall daily energy and ATP requirements too. Highly Recommended. A cup of coffee and a serving is a great way to prepare for your workout!”

Duma M, Cell Fuel

“Great product – I suffer from ‘leaky gut’ syndrome which in part interferes with digesting food properly. Gut Complex not only aids my digestion but also doubles as probiotic. I’m not aware of any other product in SA that combine these into one.”

Gideon C, Gut Complex

“Works pretty well for my wife who has trouble sleeping. It allows for a deeper sleep without waking up during the night. Also makes you relaxed before bed…”

Mario B, Natural Sleep

Better value and dose than Four Sigmatic! – Easily mixes with coffee. Taking 2 grams in the morning and the effects are on par/better than Four sigmatic at a much better price and dosage. Three really good ingredients.

Bernard, Shroom Elixir

Loving the Collagen peptides from Prime Self! The patented ingredients also add that extra quality I’ve come to expect